Page 1: Paragraph 1: Penguins everywhere are buzzing. A new play is opening at the stage. You waddle over to the plaza and stand underneath the bright lights of the theater's marquee. You then go inside and sit back in your plush red velvet seat, waiting for the show to begin.

Paragraph 2, Page 1:From acting to special effects to costumes, the show is amazing! Afterward, you stand up and cheer. It was another great play at the stage!

Page 1 Paragraph 3: In this book, you are going to get a special, behind-the-scenes tour of The Stage and all the shows that go on there. From acting to ticket sales to simply enjoy the show, there's a way for everyone to lend a flipper at The Stage.

                                                   Okay That Was Page One!!

Stage Playbook!

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