Hi~ my name is Tak888, some people think my name should have a  C in it. Tack. I dont want the C though.

Anyway, I have yellow spiky hair, blue sunglasses,a pearl necklace, a black hoodie, a black Mp3-Player, red sneakers, and I am brown penguin. Im a very nice penguin and always make new friends! My fav. game on Club Penguin are Thin Ice and Astro Barrier! My fav. puffle is the zany orange puffle! I like them because they're cute and funny! My fav. mascot on Club Penguin is Rockhopper AKA Rh! He is a penguin pirate, he owns a red puffle named yarr! My fav. stamp is Out At Sea. It is in the party catogory in your stamp book. That's all to know for now! Bye!


Hi!!!! I'm Ryanoc5! I love exploring the land of Club Penguin! My favorite puffle is the brown one! I like how they're new and are very inventive! They seem so curious! Ha ha! I have brown Justin Beiber hair,i where a T-shirt,blue sunglasses, Orange sneakers, and i carry a paddle, I am a brown penguin. My favorite activity on Club Penguin is just hanging out! My friends are all so nice, Club penguin is the best best best best best best site i hve every been on! This site is oh, so fun and enjoy hanging with Tak888 he is my best friend on Club Penguin! I know him in real life too! Bye! Ryanoc5!

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