Hello! Tak888 here~ this page has some facts about the very Zany Rookie!

Rookie's Style: Rookie has a red and white propeller cap, he dosn't where anything else except red sunglasses. Rookie is green.

Rookie's Job: Rookie works for the EPF he can now translate crab talk. Other jobs are just being Rookie and helping G/Gary..

Rookie's life: Nobody know's if Rookie has a puffle. Although he has told us he does indeed have a pet rock. Rookie does not have a fav. server that we know of. Rookie is not a robot, bot, clone ect. Some penguins may not know but Rookie does have fav hobbies, he likes to iron, play I-spy and to cook fish!

OTHER INFO ON ROOKIE: UNKNOWN OH! But you can get his BG/Background!

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