This penguin is a famous mascot! He owns a puffle and a ship his puffle's name is Yarr! Yarr is very playful! and good at being a pirate puffle! His ships's name is the Migrator! It's a very big ship! When Rockhopper comes to visit the wonderful island of Clubpenguin, you may see his ship. You can enter the ship and play some games, Rockhopper will have a FREE item for you, he will also have some items up for sale. You can't enter the captain's quarters enless you have the correct key. The key is located in the back of  The Journle Of Captain Rockhopper, the book is located in the Book Room, the second floor of the coffee shop. Once you have the key you may enter captain's quarter! 

The history of Rockhopper: Rockhopper's ship sunk when he was sailing, like the Titanic, Rockhopper's ship sank by a ice burg but it was much much smaller. Luckilly Rockhopper and Yarr were fine. But the boat was not. Weeks later, the boat was repaired. Rockhopper was very greatful and was excited about being back on the sea! Rockhopper now visits Clubpenguin for special events!

Rockhopper's Style: Rockhopper is a red penguin. He black eye brows and a long black beard! He dosn't where any clothes, but he does where a captains pirate hat!

Rockhopper's free background details: The background Rockhopper gives away has yarr jumping off the railing of the boat onto the ground of the boat [not the water]. While Rockhopper has his left arm behind you.

How to earn Rockhopper's stamp:To earn Rockhopper's stamp you must be in the same room has him.

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