Peguin Band

Franky: Franky was nervous the first day of his show, he imagined his guitar breaking, G-Billy asked him to be the fourth member of the Penguin Band, without taking a though Franky accepted!

G-Billy: G-Billy dosn't have alot of information, but he is the drummer of the penguin band. He is a blue penguin, with a brown hat, he has drumsticks.

Petey K: Petey K plays the accordian and piano. He is classicly trained. For some time, Petey K and the rest of the and were not allowed to be seen on Club Penguin as a real character, that was until the music jam of 2008, where he signed backgrounds in back stage

Stompin Bob: Stompin Bob's full name is Stompin' Alexander Bob. He is the vocalist and the cellist of the Penguin Band! He is red and he wears a brown hat, he also wears black sunglasses.

Meet Able: Franky, G-Billy, Petey K,Stompin' Bob.

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